Acne Safe Hair Products

Acne Safe Hair Products

Published by Corey Lee Skin Care on 29th Dec 2018

What does hair products have to do with acne breakouts? Plenty! 

In the shower, pore clogging ingredients can run down your face (creating a traffic jam of pimples around your hairline), into your ears (yes, that's how inside ear blackheads happen) and down your chest and back creating unwanted pimples. 

The name of the game is prevention!  

Hair products can also transfer to your hats, helmets and bedding. If products contain pore clogging ingredients, they will aggravate acne.  

Please note, manufacturers can and do change ingredient decks.  Please contact us to learn more. 


Problem Scalp Shampoo

Dry Shampoo


Two in One

Protective Spray


Frizz Control



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